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Air Purifier Mask

The fully-functioning HEPA grade Air Purifier Mask is designed to comfortably fit on the wearer's face. The APM runs for more than three hours with just two AA batteries, or all-day with a power bank. This APM is designed for long-term and repetitive use with regular cleaning and regular filter replacement.

INCLUDES: Two (2) Air Filters. Each filter lasts up to 30-45 days with normal use.

  • (1) Near-HEPA Filter - 99.00% efficiency, 5 times more effective than N95. For regular daily use.
  • (1) HEPA Filter - 99.972% efficiency, 167 times more effective than N95. For high-risk environments such as hospitals.

Not included - AA batteries, power bank, USB charging cable.

Multiple items from the same order will be shipped together and the shipping cost savings will be refunded.

Thanks to the PATENTED DESIGN of the Air Purifier Mask People are Living Better and More Active Lives

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"Chris had tested different kinds of masks and air purifiers over the years.  Watch what he said about Air Purifier Mask."

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What I really like is, in the operating room, when you are trying to operate with goggles and a traditional mask on, a lot of times you get fog-up; so no fog with this! It has a nice airtight seal, that's a plus.
Jamie D., CNM from Reston, VA

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Adam, who has been an allergy sufferer since age three, is able to enjoy the outdoor again without pre-emptive medicine !

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"I am a licensed dentist. The APM provides the best protection for me and my patients.There can be real concern when contact is often just a matter of inches between me and my patients."

Dr. Lee, CA
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"I am an IT consultant who travels frequently. I'm glad that I am better protected by the APM. I can feel the high quality of the filtered, pure, clean air it provides every time I use it. I use the USB power provided onboard the airplane and in the airports, so 2 rechargeable AA batteries can last me a ten hours trip. Thank you for giving me peace of mind when traveling."

Steve, MD
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I am so happy to be able to enjoy the gardening. I love without the worries of my allergies

Julie, VA

100% Airtight

Every Air Purifier 100% airtight seal for most adults and older children. You can obtain an airtight seal using the adjustable neoprene fastening straps. This ensures the needed support and comfort for long hours.

Mask, straps and filter
  • The neoprene head straps in combination with the FDA compliant soft facial silicone gasket ensures that the rubber is perfectly adapted to the surface of your face to close any existing gap while still being comfortable.
  • The FDA compliant soft facial silicone gasket is attached to the device through an airtight double fold joint.
  • Multiple FDA compliant silicone gaskets completely seal the interior of the mask to prevent any external air leakage.
  • The sturdy ASA filter housing where the filter is securely held connects to the device using a FDA compliant silicone gasket to ensure it is airtightness.

Our design ensure this APM is up to 167 times more effective than N95 masks

Each mask comes with both a Near-HEPA and a HEPA filter. Each filter can last up to 30 to 45 days with normal daily use. Filter cartridges are 100% alright thanks to medical grade silicone gasket that ensures air gets in only through the APM Filter. 

Airtight Seal
- Facial Gasket SecurenessU-Shaped anchor-points for a secure lockStandard anchor-points or magnetic attraction
- Intack Airway Leakage -proofMultiple silicone gaskets seal the intake airway compartmentUnknown
- Fastening MechanismMedical grade adjustable and secure Neoprene Head StrapsTypical Earloops burdening the ears, easy to shake lose
- Clean Air ProvidedUnique intake airflow design prevents unfiltered external air from entering our APMUnknown
Filtration EfficiencyUp to N100 grade filter integrated with Active Carbon filter to achieve greater than 99.972% efficiencyUp to 99.97%
Replaceable FiltersPlastic housing with a silicone ring for an airtight sealMostly unsealed pleated paper cartridgesc
Powering Options"Our APM can be powered by:
1. 2 x AA batteries (Lasts 3+ hours)
2. Any USB power source (e.g. Power bank)
3. Rechargeable AA batteries (Can be charged in-use)"
Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Useful LifespanCan last 3+ years — only requirement is to replace batteries and filtersLithium batteries are known to be unstable and normally degrade within 2 years
Comfort Of Use
Head straps provide comfortable use for the entire dayStandard earloops may not be comfortable for long hours
"Filters Outflow Air (Airline Compliant)"YesUnknown
Advanced MaterialMade of ASA material that can withstands more than 100,000 hours of UV sterilizationUnknown

Our design ensures this APM is up to 167 times more effective than N95 masks

Each mask comes with both a Near-HEPA filter and a HEPA filter. Each filter can last up to 30 to 45 days with normal daily use. Filter cartridges are 100% airtight thanks to the FDA compliant silicone gasket that ensures air gets in only through the APM filter. 

For regular daily use




5 times more effective than N95

For high-risk environments

(such as hospitals)




167 times more effective than N95


An extra layer of protection for high risk environments.

The APM design directs the outflow air downward.  Which allows a user's exhaled droplets landed on his or her upper body.  For high risk environments such as medical facilities, the outflow air can optionally be filtered.  This requires that an additional N95 outflow filter be placed over the interior outlet valve.  The outflow filters are available on our website.  The Outflow Filter Instructions for the installation and use of this outflow filter are provided at the bottom of this page.


Airtight Seal
& Ventilation 


Net weight
Less than 6oz (170 g)


Cool & Dry Inside


Comfortable Use 


3+ Hours Continuous Use on Rechargeable AA Batteries 


USB Power Input for All-Day Use & Recharging 

Mask Features

Multiple medical grade silicone gaskets completely seal the interior to prevent any external air leaking.

Charge It On The Go

Power your mask continuously using either two AA batteries (3+ hours), an external power source using the USB port, or in combination of both so you can charge the internal batteries while running the device using the external power source connected to the USB port.


On board an airplane.  Airline compliant batteries allow the use of the mask on board. The USB port can be used to charge the batteries while wearing the mask during your flight.

Mask With AA Batteries


Using an external power bank the mask can last more than 24 hours of continuous use.

Mask with USB Port

*Batteries not included. No external power source or cable is included.

What’s in the box?

  • Air Purifier Mask
  • Neoprene back head strap
  • Neoprene upper head strap
  • Near-HEPA filter
  • HEPA filter
Mask Components
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