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Patented Wearable Air Purifier for Clean Air On the Go™

An airtight HEPA grade wearable air purifier with fan for safe ventilation. Filtration efficiency up to 99.972%.


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Protection: Travel | Pollen | Poor Air Quality Conditions | Medical Facilities

See Air Purifier Mask's Superior Filtration Power At Work! 

This is how APM can filter out heavy polluted air in some worst areas. Shield your loved ones from unhealthy air!


100% Airtight

Every Air Purifier 100% airtight seal for most adults and older children. You can obtain an airtight seal using the adjustable neoprene fastening straps. This ensures the needed support and comfort for long hours.

  • The neoprene head straps in combination with the FDA compliant soft facial silicone gasket ensures that the rubber is perfectly adapted to the surface of your face to close any existing gap while still being comfortable.
  • The FDA compliant soft facial silicone gasket is attached to the device through an airtight double fold joint.
  • Multiple FDA compliant silicone gaskets completely seal the interior of the mask to prevent any external air leakage.
  • The sturdy ASA filter housing where the filter is securely held connects to the device using a FDA compliant silicone gasket to ensure it is airtightness.

An extra layer of protection for high risk environments.

The Wearable Air Purifier design directs the outflow air downward.  For high risk environments such as medical facilities, the outflow air can optionally be filtered.  This requires that an additional 95% efficiency filter be placed over the interior outlet valve.  The instructions for the use of this additional 95% efficiency filter will be provided upon request.

Airtight Seal
& Ventilation 


Cool & Dry Inside

Comfortable Use 

3+ Hours Continuous Use on Rechargeable AA Batteries 

USB Power Input for All-Day Use & Recharging 

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