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CleanAirOnTheGo™ Individual Air Purifier (IAP)

What is IAP?

IAP is an airtight, fan-powered HEPA grade individual air purifier designed to protect against allergens, pollutants, and many other harmful elements in the air. HEPA grade air filtration systems are used in nuclear submarines and hospital operating rooms. Our patent-protected IAP continuously pumps in air after filtering it through the highest quality HEPA filter to ensure you’re breathing in the cleanest air. The powerful HEPA filters come with static that attracts and traps bacteria and viruses while filtering out 99.972% of allergens and pollutants in the air with a diameter as small as 0.3 microns.  This makes it 167 times more effective than N95 masks.

How does IAP work?

IAP uses multiple gaskets to prevent unfiltered outside air from leaking in, it has powered fan to help move the outside air through multi-stage filtration media for ease of breathe, its ergonomic design lets it fit comfortably on wearer’s face, it takes either 2 x AA batteries or USB power source which supports day long use.

What are the filter options?

IAP comes with two filters that each last up to 30 to 45 days under normal usage. Each order contains a “Near HEPA filter” (99.88%) for regular daily use such as commuting to work or school, and a “HEPA filter” (99.972%) to be used in high-risk environments such as hospitals or construction sites.  “HEPA filters” are much denser than “Near HEPA filters”

Product Specifications

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