About Us

In 2014, co-founder Phil’s mother found it difficult to breathe in and around her apartment due to the poor air quality in her very old building with its very old air ducts. To help alleviate the air quality problem, Phil bought an air purifier for the room as well as traditional N95 masks for his mother to use. However, she could only wear the mask for a short period of time before the inside of the mask became too stuffy to breathe.
An engineer by trade, Phil set-off to find a solution and consulted with friends who worked in various industries around the world. How could they make a better personal air filtration mask that was efficient, comfortable, and durable? The more he talked with his friends, the more they realized how many around the world suffer from respiratory distress due to poor air quality. 
In 2016, CleanAirTek, Inc. was founded by a team of experts in the fields of industrial air filtration; clean room technology; product design and engineering came together to try to solve this problem.  In June of 2017, the company developed its first patented PM2.5/N99 Individual Air Purifier (IAP). The IAP is a powered personal filtration mask that combines the most advanced air filtration and clean room technologies. In April of 2020, the company further improved its patent protected IAP to HEPA grade (PM0.3/N99.972) and trademarked their new product line as CleanAirOnTheGo™.