- Airtight seal

- Filters up to 99.972% of harmful particles

- Fan-powered circulation keeps the interior cool and dry

- Flexible power source options offer continuous all day use

Depending on the environment, the Air Purifier Mask (APM) filter can last up to 30 to 45 days with regular use.

The Air Purifier Mask uses two AA batteries for more than three hours of use. You also have the option of connecting the device to an external power bank with the built-in USB port for whole day use. Rechargeable AA batteries can be charged right in the unit with power from USB port.

The APM is comfortable to use as compared to an N95 mask and may initially feel more restrictive than a regular facemask due to the airtight design and the density of the filters. The wearer quickly becomes accustomed to this and appreciates the higher level of protection. It also prevents any fogging up of eyeglasses.

Currently grey is the only APM color available. Additional colors will be introduced in the future.

The APM is an individual air purifier. NIOSH certifies masks and respirators. NIOSH does not certify air purifiers. The APM filtration media has a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) greater than 99.9%. Please see the Nelson Labs report in the Certifications tab.

The mask is rain-proof and sweat-proof. The electrical components and the filter inside the Air Purifier Mask are not waterproof.

Our straps can be used to easily adjust the mask to fit most adult users and older children. Please check the Dimensions Page at the bottom for more information. Contact us if you have questions.

The taxes and shipping costs will be calculated based upon your shipping location and added into the final total. Import duty is not included if shipped to a foreign address.

The IRS rules are similar to the purchase of regular air purifiers. With a note from your doctor, you should be able to use your FSA or MSA funds to buy an APM. Please contact your FSA or MSA administrator for clarification.

Unfortunately, under current situations we are not able to offer returns due to safety regulations; but we stand by the quality of our product and we offer a one-year part and labor warranty for regular use issues.

Air filters are made with filtration material manufactured by a US company that adheres to the highest design and manufacturing standards of care with certified industry-leading air filtration technologies.